Baby Suite

We believe that the first months of your child’s experiences of life are fundamental to their development, health and happiness.

Our Baby suite is specifically designed to the needs of young babies up to the age of 20 months.

A warm and caring environment for babies to develop, explore and learn.

Your baby is special to us; therefore, we adopt a flexible routine that encourages consistency for children during their time with us whilst allowing us to follow your child’s existing routine. We work with you as parents to build a relationship with your child and personalise their care and activities throughout their time with us Your child’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development will be heavily supported by their Key Person who will ensure their needs are met whilst inspiring them to explore our purposely designed environment which provides developmentally appropriate learning experiences through play.

Designed with your baby in mind

Through providing an environment that is filled with encouragement, our experienced Child Care Practitioners create well thought out heuristic activities that satisfy your little one’s natural curiosity and growing energy. Your baby’s senses will be ignited by an array of sounds, sights, smells and textures.

Exploring the world around us

We have an abundance of space to allow our babies to safely develop key milestones such as rolling, sitting, pulling themselves up and cruising along furniture before those exciting first steps. Our carefully selected activities and furniture create comfortable spaces to hide, play, discover and rest.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at Sweet Peas for consistently delivering amazing care to our babies. Despite the numerous challenges, both through the pandemic and during inclement weather, you continue to shine and it is very much appreciated! ... It is abundantly clear you all do your job from a place of love and dedication. I'm sure I've said it before but it makes it so much easier for me going to work knowing my child is somewhere he is loved and supported to thrive.

Baby Suite

We believe that the first months of your child’s experiences of life are fundamental to their development, health and happiness.

Toddler Suite

Through following your child’s interests, we work with you as parents to nurture their distinctive character, developing their learning through fun.

Explorer Suite

We promote your child’s natural instincts to learn and discover. Our exciting activities foster resilience, confidence and enthusiasm, allowing your child to flourish.

Nature Suite

At every stage of development, your child will have the space, freedom and equipment to stretch their abilities and respond to what they hear, smell, see and feel in the world around them.

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