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Our Curriculum

Passionately supporting babies and children to become life-long learners.

“Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults.”
(Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage)

Our holistic curriculum is carefully planned for all of our children from birth to five years old. It is rooted in a high quality emotional environment that puts your unique child at the heart of every decision.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

From the day that they were born your child has had an intrinsic motivation to form bonds, communicate, develop physically and to find out about the world around them. Our curriculum harnesses these qualities and builds upon them throughout all age ranges to ensure that your child continues to meet each exciting milestone of their development.

Your child will have a Key Person who will work with you and our highly qualified team to create personalised Next Steps for your child’s development. This Key Person will guide your child through their daily experiences, helping them learn how to advocate for themselves, take turns, share, communicate their feelings effectively, try new things, process their discoveries and learn from mistakes.

Exciting activities that foster fun and develop curiosity

The daily routine we build for your child will provide a range of indoor and outdoor opportunities to both lead learning through their individual fascinations and be challenged through carefully planned activities. Our Child Care Practitioners use their expert knowledge of child development to plan activities that develop your child’s knowledge, curiosity and skills. The challenging and thought provoking questions our team members ask and encourage will ignite a hunger for learning.

British Values

Across the year we enjoy a range of festivities that will allow your child to learn about and celebrate the similarities and differences between their own family, culture and beliefs and those of others. Your child will have great fun learning traditional dances, art techniques, forms of writing. They will hear traditional stories, cook and taste traditional foods, locate places on maps and share their own experiences with their friends. Whether it’s celebrating their birthday, performing a Christmas nativity, or having a party for a religious festival, you can guarantee that your child will have a great time!

Since my daughter started here she has come on leaps and bounds. Her Social Skills have got so much better. As an only child she did seem to have an issue with sharing and getting along other children but since the staff here have been working with her she is absolutely great now and she has established lots of little friendships.


We are passionate about providing exciting, freshly home cooked meals that meet your childrens’ daily nutritional and dietary needs.


We encourage open and honest dialogues that enable us to work together to ensure that your unique child is happy, secure and well cared for.

Our Curriculum

Our holistic curriculum is carefully planned and rooted in a high quality emotional environment that puts your child at the heart of every decision.

Key Person System

Your child’s Key Person adopts a variety of important functions such as providing your child’s routine, planning activities and more.

Effortless Childcare

Our core purpose is to enable you to go to work with peace of mind that your children are receiving exceptional care, education and life experiences.

Covid Safe Environment

We invested over £10000 in furniture and resources and ensured we could provide children with familiar surroundings.

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