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Our Purpose

Our Core Purpose is to enable you to go to work with peace of mind, knowing your children are receiving exceptional care, education and life experiences.

Luna always seemed really comfortable and happy at Sweet Peas which made us confident that the time she was not with us she was at a safe place where she felt happy. This allowed us to be at work and feel confident she was getting the support and love elsewhere. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for that and please pass on this to (Luna’s Key Person) whom she absolutely adored. Luna still talks about (her Key Person) even having been out of Sweet Peas for so long. We also use her to reinforce the “kind hands” policy, when Luna has done something she knows isn’t nice, she will often say to us “What would Georgie at Sweet Peas say.....‘kind hands’” which always makes us laugh.


We value the importance of a smooth transition into nursery for both you and your child which is why we limit the number of children who can start each month, regardless of availability.

Parents As Partners

We strive to develop and maintain strong parent partnerships with our families, this is so we can work together to bridge the gap between home and nursery.


We recognise that all children need to feel safe and secure to have the full ability to develop and flourish. Safeguarding children in our care and their families is of paramount importance to us.

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Sweet Peas is open from 7:30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. We are open 52 weeks per year and will only close for Bank Holidays. Book a nursery tour with us today.

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