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Key Person System

Warm attachments that develop and gain continuity, security and significance to children’s lives.

At Sweet Peas we recognise the vital importance of having an identified member of our team that both you and your child can develop a close professional relationship with, this team member will become your childs ‘Key Person’.

Your child’s Key Person adopts a variety of important functions such as providing your child’s routine, planning activities based around your child’s interests, easing separation from parents/carers, meeting their individual needs and, sharing information with you, including the accurate assessments relating to Child Development which they will complete throughout the duration of your child’s time with us, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.


To ensure continuity of care for all children, each Key Person is paired with a ‘Significant Other’. The Significant Other will be there as a familiar person for you and your child, and be there when your child’s Key Person is on annual leave or has a day off. Whilst there may be a possibility they don’t have the same strong bond that your child has with their Key Person, they will be aware of their likes, dislikes, routine and care needs. Most importantly, it is someone who your child is familiar with, feels comfortable with and can have fun with.

It’s been an enormous pleasure to see how much our daughter has enjoyed being with you at Sweet Peas. This is entirely down to your wonderful, loving, caring and talented staff who have brought her joy every day. Shannen and Katie have been amazing key workers for her, and we are hugely grateful to them and all of your colleagues who have looked after her so well. Our daughters’ confident, kind and caring nature is testament to the skills and character of all your staff.


We are passionate about providing exciting, freshly home cooked meals that meet your childrens’ daily nutritional and dietary needs.


We encourage open and honest dialogues that enable us to work together to ensure that your unique child is happy, secure and well cared for.

Our Curriculum

Our holistic curriculum is carefully planned and rooted in a high quality emotional environment that puts your child at the heart of every decision.

Key Person System

Your child’s Key Person adopts a variety of important functions such as providing your child’s routine, planning activities and more.

Effortless Childcare

Our core purpose is to enable you to go to work with peace of mind that your children are receiving exceptional care, education and life experiences.

Covid Safe Environment

We invested over £10000 in furniture and resources and ensured we could provide children with familiar surroundings.

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